From beautiful Boston, Massachusetts

With strong ties to Campania and Sicily, I've been fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by my parents, siblings, grandparents, and cousins for almost every occasion. In our family, food and an unabashed excitement for life is at the epicenter of 

from beautiful Boston, Massachusetts

Italian-Inspired Whimsy

bringing you fashion, beauty, lifestyle & food with a touch of

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everything we do and feel; it is who we are at our very core. What I write and share here is rooted in the best parts of Mediterranean living. I've worked to curate a space uniquely my own, weaving together my passions in a way that inspires you to amplify yours.

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Take your palate to Italy for an evening and explore my recipe book, filled with traditional Italian dishes made by my my mother and grandmother for years.

Inspiration for your next meal.

my favorite traditional family recipes from italy


I've always been a firm believer in quality vs. quantity when it comes to the clothes I wear. I'll share my tips for making a statement with understated pieces.

Making a statement with the understated.

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No matter your blog topic or your area of expertise, I'm here to guide you! Through lifestyle sessions or sponsored product sessions, my goal is to create a natural environment through which you can genuinely and authentically share your expertise with your audience. Let's collaborate creatively and bring your vision to life!

The Italian culture so seamlessly marries fashion and food, and it is my hope to inspire you through both.

Welcome, friend! I'm Alyssa - Boston born, fashion lover, and founder of A With Love. Since 2017, I've worked hard to curate a space that embodied who I am and where I come from, and in doing so, inspiring you along the way. 

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