As much as I love a dress that hugs in all of the right places, there’s something about a pair of well-tailored trousers that makes a gal feel like she can conquer anything the work day throws her way. I bought this J. Crew pair just before the holidays as a more sophisticated option to the endless pairs of Madewell denim I wear almost every day to work. I wear them on the days I have meetings straight through, a client dinner, drinks with friends …you get the idea.

Lately, I find myself opting for them most frequently on the mornings where my mood needs a slight improvement, or to provide me with the extra boost of confidence to get through a long day. They’re quickly becoming my favorite pair to date for many reasons, the long and cold winter days here in Boston have compelled me to switch up the way I style them day to day. We’ve been told throughout our adult lives to dress for the job we want, not the job we have. And while I wholeheartedly believe this, I also believe that there is a balance to be struck up in the winter months. While I love a good pair of heels and blouse as much as the next girl, my priority is to keep warm and comfortable between the hours of 9-5, no matter what my schedule is looking like that day. So whether it be work to weekend or desk to drinks, I wanted to share a few tips on how to add a more casual touch to your work pants without sacrificing the integrity of your outfit.

4 Ways to Style Your Favorite Work Pants


When it comes to high-waist trousers, especially with some sort of waist detailing, I’ll almost always opt for a crisp button-down or thin, flowy blouse (neutral, of course!). But when the temps continuously drop and I can’t walk two blocks without my feet and hands going totally numb, a chunky knit sweater is my go-to. I love the bell-sleeves on this one, as it adds an unexpected twist to a classic cut. Despite its size, I still tuck it in just a bit, letting the excess material hang where it may for a lived-in look. This keeps the outfit looking put together and still work appropriate.


If you’re still willing to trudge through the snow in your highest pair after reading this, more power to you. And despite admiring your determination, I’m going to encourage you to make a smarter choice and swap them for heeled ankle booties that is just as sleek and I’d imagine, more comfortable.


 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left work to head to an event or drinks with friends when I’d realized all too late that the only bag I had with me was the backpack I use to carry my laptop home each night from the office. Now, when I know I have plans after work, I like to opt for something smaller like a cross-body that can hold the essentials (keys, wallet, and phone).


This one is definitely going to depend on personal preference, but when it comes to accessorizing, my M/O has always been less is more. I tend to play down the colors in my wardrobe and opt for more muted tones head to toe, so it’s always fun to play up your jewelry and add texture or a pop of color. Whatever your preference is, a simple but bold piece of jewelry is a great way to add the finishing touch your look and transform your work pants from stifling necessity to style statement.

Photos by Riany Haffey

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Your Favorite Work Pants 4 Ways

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