I first discovered Kooreloo by chance; Matt’s sister-in-law had just come back from a wedding in Greece and when we met up for dinner, she was carrying one of the most beautiful bags I’d ever seen. I remember thinking it looked more like a work of art than a wearable piece but couldn’t stop thinking how edgy yet feminine it was. It was so different than anything I had ever seen before, and I think that’s what really drew me to Kooreloo as a brand. I knew the Greek label was still a fairly new and obscure brand in the States, and because of that, not many people would have one – which appealed to me even more. When Matt and I got engaged, his family gifted the Petite Lollipops Woven Top Handle bag photographed here (part of their bridal collection) to me as a little something special, and I haven’t stopped carrying it around since.

Because of its unique aesthetic and dichotomy of color and texture, I have to be thoughtful about the pieces I style it with. I ordered this MISA Los Angeles midi dress the other week for a baptism I was attending and didn’t realize until it got to me that the tones of the dress perfectly complimented the cotton candy tones and gold-coin hardware of the bag. I also love the brass chain-link shoulder strap and the way you can seamlessly transition from wearing it on your shoulder to styling it more as a decorative addition to the overall aesthetic. I tend to save this piece for when I’m headed out for a night or afternoon where I need to get a bit more dressed and up-level my look. This bag has become such a conversation piece, whether I’m attending an event, out with friends, or even walking down the street (happened a few times when shooting this look!). Kooreloo has so many different sizes and styles across collections. I’m dying to get my hands on another for an upcoming trip with my girlfriends and have been eyeing these ones here and here.

Photos by Riany Haffey.

Kooreloo Woven Top Handle Bag

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