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My Favorite Candles

Candles are my favorite compliment to any home setting, but the endless options out there can make it hard to pinpoint exactly which scents will vibe with your space. I like to have a different candle for every room. Scent is such a powerful memory trigger and has the ability to transport you to anywhere in the world.

Since we moved, I’ve made it my mission to identify the “signature scent” of each room in our home, based on the feeling I wanted to have as I entered. The key is to let the tones and textures of the decor guide you. For example, our bedroom is blanketed in a snowy grey, with hints of blue and earth tones sprinkled throughout our bedding and furniture. It has a very open, airy coastal vibe, perfectly aligning with the citrusy Mediterranean notes of Capri Blue’s Volcano. The Capiz jar is my favorite, reminding me of layered seashells.

If you’re looking for a sensory escape, I recommend checking out BOHÉME’s Wanderlust Collection a brand I stumbled upon while working to create a cozy at-home workspace during the lockdown last year. The Havana and Asti candles are my repeat buys from this collection and with good reason! If the stunning packaging isn’t enough to pull you in, these all-natural candles are infused with unique, luxury fragrance notes that come together to provide a beautiful scent story. Havana boasts notes of bergamot and tobacco, encapsulating the steep history of Cuba, while Asti boasts a fruity, floral base note, with hints of green apple, vetiver and purple grape. Like Havana, the scent tells the story of the land and history of this Piedmont, Italy province.

To round off the list, an old favorite; one I buy every so often to burn in the living room or kitchen. The Voluspa Mokara candle is the perfect candle to light after a weekend of spring cleaning. It has a crisp, clean feel with notes of orchid and lily that are balanced by a hint of coconut, as it derives from coconut wax. It’s the perfect scent for summer. I love to burn it after I cook or while I’m entertaining company.

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