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The Marled Cream Chenille Sweater I’ve Been Living In

One thing to note about me is that I am LITERALLY always warm. In the summers, my AC remains steady at a cool 64 degrees no matter the heat index. And for this reason, you’ll rarely see me in a sweater of any kind, mainly because the idea of wearing a turtleneck indoors when the heat is on full blast is enough to make my skin itch. But as with anything, there are occasional exceptions to those rules. I was browsing Abercrombie’s site one afternoon in search of white denim (more on that here) and came across this oversized chenille sweater.

What first caught my eye was the neutral tones naturally. And oversized? My favorite kind (when and if I do opt wear one, of course). While this sweater is TTS, I always size up because I like to be able to tuck in the front of the sweater for a blousy, laid-back look. When the sweater arrived on my doorstep, I was getting ready to shoot just as the sun started to set. It was a bit cooler by then which ultimately guided my accessory and shoe choice. I chose a deep cognac mule (these ones from Madewell are my favorite and are such great quality) and matching Italian leather tote (a lucky find at my local Homegoods over the summer that I can’t seem to find anywhere online to link for you …but the brand is I Medici Firenze in case you have better sleuthing skills than I).

Despite the chunky, oversized appearance of this sweater, it’s surprisingly very lightweight (and so soft and comfy), making it the perfect substitute for a fall jacket. It’s heavy enough to keep you warm in the early mornings when the air still has a that distinct chill, but light enough so as not to overheat you when the sun is high in the afternoon sky. If you’d prefer to wear it with leggings, I recommend sizing up 1-2 additional sizes so that it provides enough coverage. The options are endless with a neutral-tone piece like this. Even a blue or black jean would pair well given the sandy tones of the fabric. Earrings are linked and are also Madewell! I own the large and small chunky gold hoops from them, but felt that the smaller size (under $20) went best with this outfit given the higher neckline of the sweater.

Photos by Riany Haffey.

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