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The Sleep Mask I Never Go to Bed Without

My sleep habits have always lacked consistency. I blame the four years spent away at college largely for this, despite having always been somewhat of a night owl. The early mornings finalizing edits to a midterm paper became a familiar routine, having always done my best work under the pressure of a looming deadline. And while my nocturnal behavior has continued on far beyond the confines of an academic setting, spending the better parts of my day in our one-bedroom condo has naturally altered my sleeping patterns, and likely for the better.

Maybe turning thirty at the end of last year has had something to do with it, too, but I find myself getting tired before 10pm most days now, whereas when I’d commute to my office, I’d get this sudden burst of energy after dinner around 7pm or so. Whatever the real reason for it may be, I’ve found that I value rest more now than I ever have; and with it, a new-found interest in making a good night’s rest top priority for my overall mental and physical well-being.

When we first moved into our home, we’d bought a rather sheer accordion shade for our bedroom window, not yet realizing that the sun rises promptly through it beginning around 6am each morning. While I have every intention of shopping for a black-out shade to replace the existing one, we’ve had other priorities as we continue to furnish each room, and finding a more permanent solution has fallen to the wayside – that is, until I discovered Lunya.

I’ve admired this luxury sleepwear brand for quite some time, specifically keeping tabs on their popular washable silk sleep mask. I figured that if I couldn’t invest in the shade right now, a sleep mask would be a satisfactory short-term solution. When I’d initially looked at Lunya, I didn’t feel I could justify spending almost $50 on a sleep mask, especially after finding a few similar styles on Amazon for a great deal less. I went ahead with ordering a less expensive one and wasn’t impressed; the material made my skin itch and there was a chunky plastic buckle on the back where my head hit the pillow that proved extremely uncomfortable. After a few other successful attempts at finding the right fit for my style and needs when it came to sleeping, I caved and purchased the Lunya sleep mask in the color Otium Tan. I loved that it was easy to wash and could double as a headband to assist in my nightly skincare routine. After just one night, I realized how effective it actually was in helping me get a better night’s sleep.

The silk used for the mask is naturally moisturizing, and the layered nature of the mask is designed to be noise-reducing. The thick elastic band fits just right and does not compress your head like some other masks do, preventing creases in your hair and breakage that can occur as a result of using other masks (depending on their material). The best part? You can throw it right in the wash and it comes out good as new – no pilling or pulling visible anywhere. I’m sure you’d have no trouble tossing it in with other items, but I prefer to use a mesh bag typically used for washing intimates or delicates in order to keep the integrity of the silk. You’ll want to machine wash cold and lay it flat to dry.

All in all, I cannot recommend this sleep mask enough, and it is most definitely worth the money. It comes in six different colors and will make the ideal gift for just about any occasion! I really love the ‘Energized Pink’ color; it’s so beautiful and feminine. With spring and summer just around the corner, this mask is the perfect addition to your suitcase or carryon for your next getaway. It’s always hard to anticipate sleeping conditions on an airplane or in a hotel room, so having this mask handy with its light-blocking properties is such great insurance for a good night’s rest, no matter your circumstance!

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